I want everything at Target

We’ve done our share of renovating in the 10 or so years we’ve lived in our house but paid very little attention to décor.

At least, not until we got our first Target store. For all the things I want to buy, it might be just easier to move there.

Last week the Beaver Canoe collection went on clearance so I picked up these lamps and end tables.

living room 1

“Picked up” sounds so cavalier. I hemmed and hawed in the store for 45 minutes before going to the cash, then it was a job and a half getting them in the car with the four other lamps I brought home to try.

The tops of the tables lift off so we’ll be able to store some of the kids’ toys inside. Which is laughable compared to what we need, but it’s something.

living room 2 (2)

I only have the one pillow, but I’d like to get another. We found this one in IKEA’s as-is section for six dollars. The bud vase and the candle holder on the other side of the couch are from Target as well.

living room 4

Eventually I’d like to get some artwork for above the couch, along with two of these throws for the brown chairs and this rug for the room.

Have you brought any new finds into your space? Are you mad for Target like me? Can you recommend some sites where I can buy artwork online for cheap?

4 thoughts on “I want everything at Target

  1. Wow, the place looks great, love the lines in the tables with the lines in the floor and the teal is lovely with the brick and yup art on the wall in the future to break all the brick. The lamps add to the lovely flavour you have created.


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