Five things

First off, thanks to everyone who entered, shared and tweeted my first giveaway. I love reading your comments and learning a little about you, and I’m stoked to see so many new followers! And if you haven’t entered, well today’s the day to do it — if 25 additional people enter today I’ll include this gorgeous 12″ Cara necklace from Chapters, valued at $39.50!


I bought it for a steal at Chapters’ summer sale, along with a few Christmas gifts. (Yes, I’m one of those people.)

fro yo

Have you ever made your own frozen yogurt? We tried it a couple of times this week and couldn’t believe how easy it was! Just how easy? Add one 500 to 750 ml container of Greek yogurt to your ice cream maker and freeze as instructed. We used a vanilla flavoured tub so there was no need to add any sweetner, ‘tho we couldn’t resist adding a few sprinkles on top.

I’m telling you, this fro yo is a revelation! Easy, relatively healthy and (if you use Greek yogurt) packed with protein!

Benny and my laptop

Meet my muse, Benny. We don’t have a proper office, so I do most of my work at our kitchen island.


How do you cut your watermelon? Did you know there’s an easy way to slice it for kids? We followed Sober Julie’s method and our guys found it much easier to eat than the usual big triangles.


That way also makes it easier to cut into cubes. (And why yes, those are watermelon-printed pajamas! Joe Fresh!)


If you’re looking for a fun and easy craft using supplies you already have in the house, look no further than these cute wooden spoon dolls. It’s my latest DIY over at the lovely So Fawned, and kept my guys entertained a few evenings in a row.

Are you a crafter? What do you like to make? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear!

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