All natural cleaning with Better Life + a giveaway!

Note: I was provided with products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

When it comes to housekeeping, it’s a bit of a wild west around here during the week but Saturday mornings we circle the wagons and saddle up to set things right.  The kids pick up their toys, Hubs starts on the laundry and I head into the kitchen to blaze a trail through the mess. In my holster: an array of cleaning products with a list of ingredients longer than my arm and the warning labels to go with. But not this week. No, this week we tested a new line of all natural household cleaners that are safe for kids and pets and tough on grime. The brand: Better Life (maybe you’ve heard of it?) now available exclusively at Target stores across Canada.

BL dish it out brighter

All of the Better Life products are plant-based. They’re free of fragrance, dyes, sulphates, alcohol and solvents, hypoallergenic and cruelty free (i.e. not tested on animals). Many of the products are available unscented, and those that are scented use only essential oils. And unlike a lot of better-for-you products, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Which is all fine and good but they have to work. So we put them to the test.


Oh how I’ve rued the day we installed stainless steel appliances! I’ve tried cleaner after cleaner and none could clear away the marks and fingerprints without driving me out of the house from the stink. Even the natural ones I tried were so potent I’d have to do the fridge in a couple of stages to avoid getting a headache. But not this one. Einshine stainless steel polish removed all marks with a streak-free finish and the lavender and chamomile scent was mild enough that I could continue on to do the stove, microwave and toaster. (I left the range hood for another day. Just thinking about cleaning that monster makes me tired.)


Most of the dishes went in the dishwasher with a tablespoon (so little!) of Better Life’s Automatic Magic natural dishwasher gel and the pots and pans that didn’t make it in got a good scrub down with the Dish It Out natural dish liquid. Everything came out streak-free and squeaky clean.

bl take it for granite

The kitchen is the brightest room in the house, so we spend lots of time around the island eating, baking, crafting and doing homework. I’m meticulous about keeping it clean, but pen, marker and tomato sauce can be a real bugger to remove. Take It For Granite countertop cleaner wiped away all three easy peasy and toxin-free. It’s suitable for granite, quartz (our island), marble, slate and other high-end stone surfaces. Clean, polish and protect in just one step!

bl what-EVER!

Aren’t you loving the names? What-EVER! unscented all-purpose cleaner was almost a joy to use in the bathroom (I say almost because hey, I’m still cleaning the bathroom). I wiped down every surface without getting woozy from the fumes like I do with most other products, and it made the room sparkle like a jewel box.


Could Better Life’s glass cleaner remove the stubborn spots from our mirrored medicine chest?

BL reflection 2

I Can See Clearly, Wow!


Simply Floored! natural floor cleaner is true to its name — simply squirt it on tile, hardwood, laminate or vinyl, mop it up and you’re good to go! I love that it’s gentle on surfaces and (like all other Better Life products) safe for pets and kids. Plus it’s super convenient to need just one cleaner for all the floors.

spincredible laundry

We let the laundry pile up during the week so we did umpteen loads with the SPIN-CREDIBLE natural laundry detergent and barely made a dent in the bottle. It’s super concentrated so you can do 64 loads and it works in both HE and standard machines. Some scented laundry detergents make me break out in a rash but we tried the lavender grapefruit and my skin wasn’t irritated in the least. It’s also available in unscented.

And those are just some of the products. You can see them all and learn more by visiting Better Life or looking for them at your local Target.

And now for a giveaway! Woot! One lucky try small things reader is going to win selection of Better Life products. Click here to enter, then make sure you come back here to leave a comment in order to be eligible to win. The giveaway is open to Canadians only and ends December 14 at midnight EST.

Good luck everybody!

31 thoughts on “All natural cleaning with Better Life + a giveaway!

  1. The dishwashing cleaner would be wonderful to try:) Can’t find anything but chemical laden dishwashing tablets/powder.

  2. I have not tried this but I would like to as a lot of times I’m sensitive to the smells and strengths of the normal everyday cleaners.

  3. the product I would most like to try is: Even the Kitchen Sink. I would try it in the bathroom – I have the hardest time keeping tub, toilet and sinks clean – maybe this would work, and I would feel good about using it!

  4. Going to try them all, if they make housework easier…. I’m in …..and looking forward to the happy results….
    ( love the pic of you in the clean and shiny mirror )

  5. I would love to try simply floored!!! Living in an apartment with floors that are ages old leaves me scrubbing hours on end!


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