Right on Target: Top finds for the holidays

I don’t want to survive the holidays, I want to enjoy them. For me, the key is all in the pacing. Too much to do all at once and I crumble like a Christmas cookie. So I try to focus on the couple of things that make Christmas Christmassey for me and work at them little by little. One thing that helps a tonne: being able to pick up my supplies all in one place. Can you guess which one? That’s right, Target! Here are my favourite finds for the must-do’s on my list.

seasons tweetings living room

Pillow, arrangement, ribbon and white and gold wrapping paper, Target

DECORATING  I have trouble keeping on top of the house at the best of times, so I really prefer a more minimal approach to holiday decor. I love the hits of red and gold here in the living room. (The base of the arrangement is wood but I painted it gold to contrast with the table.)

seasons tweetings close up arrangement present 2

The presents drive the kids crazy (heh heh) and do easy double-duty as decor.  We’ll pick up our tree about a week before Christmas and decorate it Christmas Eve. (Pacing! All about the pacing!)

st whole tray

Tray, Sharpies, cards, stamp and stamp pad, washi tape and peppermint M&Ms, Target

WRITING CHRISTMAS CARDS  You’d think I’d be all about the baking, and I am, but what really makes me feel like the holidays are here is curling up on a comfy chair with a blanket and writing Christmas cards. I used to spend ages writing lengthy personal messages in each one and really enjoy it but have scaled back to just a quick little greeting. I mean, they say “Happy Holidays” right on them, right? I sit down with my cards at the beginning of December and write anywhere from 30 to 40 over the course of a week/week and a half. And go through a lot of peppermint m&ms.

st m and ms 2

st just washi tape

st gold sharpies

st social preparedness kit

Cards and thank you stamp, Target

Sending thank you cards (both from us and the kids) is also a must, so I like to make sure we’ve got cards on hand to write between Christmas and New Year’s.

st whole table

Forks, cups, wood cutting board, pink and green bowl, paper plate, napkins and fan decorations, Target

ENTERTAINING  I want my kids to remember Christmas as a happy time to spend with friends and family and the holidays are the perfect time to turn a playdate into a party. (Well maybe not the perfect time if you’re already crazy busy.) We usually have a handful of the kids’ friends over for a little shindig sometime in December and spend a couple of weeks before planning the activities, food and decor. Last year we did a couple of Christmas crafts, decorated cookies and played Twister (all of which you could totally find at Target).

st cupcakes from above 4

I love a touch of fancy, don’t you? With store-bought cupcakes, cinnamon buns and fruit for snacking, this took no time to throw together.

st cups

st cutting board

st cupcakes and grapes great shot

st lots of cupcakes

How do you approach the holidays, friends? Do you run slow and steady, or do a last-minute sprint? What activities make Christmas Christmassey for you?

Oh, and congratulations to the winner of the Better Life giveaway, Elena Stocco! You win a prize pack of Better Life cleaning products.


I partnered with Target for this post. 

19 thoughts on “Right on Target: Top finds for the holidays

  1. I adore your decorations… love that you found them all at Target Canada!! I, too, have found some amazing things there – people often think I’ve spent a lot of money. (I let them think that! 😉 Your photographs are beautifull…thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. You seem like you have everything paced. It can be fun and relaxing to write out cards to send. I still haven’t done mine yet. Not sure if I am going to this year. Merry Christmas and God bless! 🙂

  3. Last year was a busy year for me, so I did everything the last week of Christmas! This year is a lot better. The only thing I’m falling behind on is gifts! I still need to wrap them.

  4. I’ve been trying to track down those cups! IN LOVE. Your pictures are beautiful. And I’m with you–yesterday my husband and I just walked around Target looking for little knick knacks for our home. Love my Target. 😉

  5. I do the last minute sprint for the holidays! Although I start early…I’m always doing last minute things as well. Love everything you featured from Target 🙂


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