Let’s shop: ALDO’s new Spring collection

If there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, ALDO is going to be raking it in with their new Spring collection. Launched Saturday night at a special after-hours event at the Rideau Centre store, the collection features a wide array of shoes, bags and jewellery in every colour under the sun. Could I make it out with my wallet (and my sanity!) intact? Could you? Read on and see.

Of course you’ll still find your neutrals, but it’s the sunny yellows, candy pinks and ocean blues that feel so fresh and new.

aldo spring clutches shoe and bag

You’ll forgive me if I take a second here to catch my breath. Every time I see this shoe my heart skips a beat. It is perfection, no? And yes of course you need the clutch and the bag. How could you choose?

aldo spring yellow bag and shoe

Walkin’ on sunshine, whoa-oa-oa! (Would you do both? Take a closer look at the heels and the handbag. The bag’s a Fall release but it’s got Spring and Summer all over it!)

aldo spring cocktail

Even the cocktails match! There’s a lot of cute stuff happening in this store.

aldo spring blue bag and scarf

Aldo spring dj

Hey, it’s DJ Mark Anthony from the grand re-opening of the Bayshore store!

aldo spring matching purses and wallets

So you can find bags to match your shoes, and wallets to match your bags. Genius! (Speaking of genius, did you hear about Joe Fresh’s new partnership with ALDO? ALDO is taking over Joe’s shoe design; we’ll see the first collection in Spring 2016.)

aldo sunnies 2

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. And at two for $20, they’re a cheap and cheerful way to update your look. I bought these ones and a fun heart-shaped pair my kiddos will love.

Aldo Spring soft shoe

And for shoes? I loved these butter-soft Oxfords with the blush ribbon laces (so pretty).

Aldo Spring love these kicks

These super fly kicks were as comfy as they are colourful.

Aldo Spring colourblocking

And these colour-blocked heels looked fabulous on another lady. I hope she bought them.

aldo spring perfect pair

What about you? Could you find the perfect pair?

I found mine in the sunglasses, but I’ll be back to take another look or three. (I like to take my time with shoes.)

So many fun finds for Spring! What’s on your shopping list?

2 thoughts on “Let’s shop: ALDO’s new Spring collection

  1. Sadly, my poor “not so young” feet demand comfort…. while my young “inner self” still demands style. Oh what a battle!!! If I can be assured of both, Aldo is for me. Thanks for the tour of all that my head tells me I can not live without.


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