Welcome Summer with Minted!

minted gallery wall before

Summer makes me want to bring the outdoors in and give the house some colour, some light, some life! For an impact that lasts, artwork is just the way to do it.

I’ve been teasing you with glimpses of pieces for my gallery wall for a couple of weeks now, and today I’m so happy to finally show you the full reveal. (If you aren’t sitting down, you might want to pull up a chair. This is big, friends. I mean huge!)

Our blank canvas: this vast expanse of brick wall:

It’s a large space to fill without breaking the bank, but I knew just where to look. And I did it from the comfort of my living room. (Long live the Interwebs!) I shopped Minted, an online design marketplace of affordable, limited edition artwork and photography created by independent artists from around the world.

I wanted to build my wall with a Summer theme and found everything under the sun — from florals to typography, abstract art and personalized prints, and everything in between.

minted wall preview

minted gallery wall angle blue pillow

What do you think? Do you love?

All of the artwork is available in a variety of sizes and framing options and the selection is always growing, so people could hardly blame you for visiting often, perhaps for hours at a time. I love that you can create something one-of-a-kind and switch pieces out as the mood (or season) suits you.

minted gallery wall front view

minted gallery wall california dreams

California Dreams by Los Angeles artist Alexandra Nazzari is one of my favourites. I don’t think there’s anything more summery and playful than a ferris wheel, and I felt like I needed some palm trees in my life.

Minted is constantly growing its community of artists and helps many of them get their art into the hands (and on the walls) of people throughout the world through ongoing design challenges. I like checking in from time to time to browse competition winners, and always find new swoon-worthy works. (Like Golden Palm Tree. I die!)

minted gallery wall mixed prints

Clockwise: Summer delight, doodle flowers, Seaside, Slice of Summer, Sleepy Kitty, silly together. Not pictured: Awning Stripes 2 and Float.

Now that I’ve lived with my prints for a few days, I can’t imagine the space without them! It feels fresh and modern and oh-so-Summer.

Ready to go shopping? Thanks to Minted, you can enjoy 10% off all art purchases through June 26 with the code TRYSMALLTHINGS10. Be sure to come back and tell me what you love!

Thanks to Minted for their generous support. I love my prints!  


19 thoughts on “Welcome Summer with Minted!

  1. I am in LOVE with California Dreams, it is spectacular! I paint with watercolours so I am also really drawn to the watercolours too as well as the pen and ink. OK…let’s face it, I love them all!! The feature wall looks amazing, very well done!

  2. Wow, talk about of burst of color and style. Just let me lay back and enjoy every piece over and over again…. so light and airy and summery… imagine how they will impact the room when there is 5 feet of snow outside your window. Oops, sorry don’t think about that! And I love the follow through of colors and textures in the pillows, the couch and the brick wall.
    Way-ta-go girl – huge congrats on the perfect collage.

    1. Thanks Sandra! I didn’t realize how many I had ’til I laid them all out. And I *may* have more. 🙂 Somebody stop me! Or don’t stop me. Art makes a house feel so much more like home!

  3. Julie – looks fantastic. Quick question – did you buy them already framed – love the way they are all a little different – or did you do the framing with what you had at home?

      1. That doesn’t sound like you at all! 🙂 LOL – it really does look amazing. So inspired went to EQ3 today at lunch (hard to resist when you work in the market…) for a new 9-5 wall clock for hubby – shh don’t tell – it’s for Father’s Day.


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