Want, need, must-have: The Sengled Pulse wireless light bulb speaker

Wine and cheese. Chips and dip. Hall and Oates. Some things are meant to be together.

But a speaker and a light bulb? Who knew?

Sengled, that’s who. The company sent me a pair of their wireless speaker bulbs to try and wouldn’t you know, they’re brilliant.

sengled pulse box

The Sengled Pulse combines an energy-efficient, dimmable LED light with a JBL Bluetooth speaker that you control with any smart device. To install it, you simply screw the bulb into a standard light socket, pair it with your Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet or iPod, and download the free Sengled Pulse app to adjust the brightness and volume.

sengled pulse bulb 2

Easy peasy. (Just what I like.)

I put mine in the two lamps on either side of our living room couch, but you could use them just about anywhere (pot lights, wall sconces, adjustable reading lamps — even outdoor light fixtures!). Each bulb is rated to last up to 25,000 hours and you can link up to eight bulbs for surround sound. (Additional bulbs can be purchased individually.)

sengled pulse in lamp

We streamed Pharrell’s Happy from the living room and the sound was crisp and clear in pretty much every room of the house (granted our space is only a little over 1,000 square feet). I love the dimmer function on the app and how easy the system was to install. And since we’re tight for space, I like how the bulbs don’t take up any additional room.

I’ve seen the Sengled Pulse for anywhere from $120 to $170 for the two bulbs. You can find the set and individual bulbs at Staples, Best Buy, Home Depot, Amazon and many other retailers.

Try it and see (and hear!) for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Want, need, must-have: The Sengled Pulse wireless light bulb speaker

  1. AMAZING! And I’ve seen them in action. I’m not in the world of smart devices (don’t want anything smarter than me) but still think it’s brilliant and will share with friends.


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