Three-Star Greek-Style Tuna Sandwich + A Giveaway! #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Really, Shakespeare? I beg to differ. Especially when it comes to recipes. Tell me, would you be tempted to try Creamed Tuna on Toast? Yeah, I didn’t think so. What about Tuna with Pain Grillé or even Chicken of the Sea on Toast avec Champignons? I polled a few friends to come up with a name for this dish that would sound as good as it tastes and while the Vice Admiral Sandwich (approved by the Sturgeon General!) was right up there, Cathy’s Three-Star Greek-Style Tuna Sandwich won out. Why three-star? Because all of the ingredients are rated three stars by Loblaw’s Guiding Stars program, which assigns foods 0 to 3 stars for their nutritious goodness. This is some fine comfort food, friends. (All the more comforting ’cause it’s good for you!)

three-star greek-style tuna sandwich

So let’s get to the recipe! You can make this in 10 minutes, easy. (While your mushrooms are cooking, enter to win a $150 President’s Choice gift card. But hurry! The contest closes in two days.)

Three-Star Greek-Style Tuna Sandwich

Serves 2


1 227 g pkg mushrooms, white or brown

1 cup frozen or fresh peas

1 can water-packed tuna

3/4 to 1 cup President’s Choice Plain 0% M.F. Greek Yogurt

2 pieces Country Harvest Ancient Grains bread 

fresh or dried thyme, to taste

salt and pepper, to taste


Slice mushrooms and sauté in a pan with just enough water to keep the pan from burning. Cook until soft, about 5 minutes.

Toss in frozen or fresh peas and heat through, about 2 minutes.

Drain tuna and add to the peas and mushrooms. Season with salt, pepper and thyme (I like four or five sprigs of fresh thyme). Stir til combined.

Make toast.

When your toast has popped and it’s on your plate, pour the mushrooms, peas and tuna into a medium-sized bowl and stir in Greek yogurt. (Don’t do this in the pan over heat or the yogurt will separate.)

Pour over toast and garnish with fresh thyme.

For more three-star recipes, check out Katrina’s Turkey and Red Pepper Meatballs, Linda’s Red Lentil Pâté, Kathryn’s Three-Star Breakfast Berry Parfait, Theresa’s Three-Star Spaghetti, Brandi’s Pasta and Bean Soup, and Tyna’s Healthy Nutella Style Spread and Avocado Chocolate Mousse (these two are in French).

I partnered with Loblaw on this post, however all views are mine. And thanks Aaron, Aneta, Cathy and Jonathan for brainstorming with me. 

10 thoughts on “Three-Star Greek-Style Tuna Sandwich + A Giveaway! #GuidingStarsCA #PCStars

  1. This looks delicious! I absolutely love tuna sandwiches and this looks so creative and yummy. Will have to try it out! And thank you for mentioning my Pasta & Bean Soup 🙂

  2. O.k. even I can handle this and although I have enjoyed creamed salmon and or tuna on toast, this is much more appealing. I will be entertaining/feeding 5 friends upon the return of my girlfriend from her Paris/Prague holiday next week and this simple dish with one of your past great salads might just do the trick. Maybe even try my hand at your baklava. Wow listen to me! Thanks for the inspiration.


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