Quick monster cake pops + A HUGE Canadian Tire contest #YouGotThis

If you need help changing a tire, I’m not your gal. Looking for the inside odds in the football pool? Sorry, you’ll have to ask someone else. Can’t tell a Robertson from a Phillips? Don’t look at me! But if you want to cook the perfect cob of corn or learn 10 ways to wrap a present, well I’m the gal you’ll want to talk to.

We’ve all got our own areas of expertise, our own tips and short cuts that make us the go-to when something needs to get done and done well. Whether DIY is so Y-O-U or just you some of the time, chances are you’ve got a how-to that makes people say you got this.

So why not share it?

From now until October 6, Canadian Tire is inviting you to share a photo or a brief video showing how you do an everyday job well for the chance to win $5,000 in gift cards. (Including a $3,000 grand prize!) There are five categories to choose from — Home, Outdoor, Sports and Rec, Tools and Hardware, and Auto — and plenty of inspiration on the Canadian Tire website for each one.

you got this contest

I am not the most tech savvy (ha! that’s an understatement!) so I was pretty pleased with myself when I saw how easy it was to upload my video. Seriously, it took less than a minute. Will you make my scary-easy Quick Monster Cake Pops?

DIY is one of my favourite things to learn and chat about, so I hope you’ll join me this Wednesday, September 30 for the #YouGotThis Twitter Party from 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. EST. I can’t tell you if this handsome fella will be there but I do know that Canadian Tire will be giving away $500 in gift cards, which is pretty good too.

you got this twitter party

Where do #YouGotThis? What tips and tricks do you have to share? I’d love to hear! But even more, I’d love to learn to how to too! Can’t wait to see your videos and talk with you on Wednesday.

You got this! I know it!

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