Fab decor finds at Canadian Tire + A giveaway! #MyCANVAS

canvas home feature image

Finds that make me happy: new magazines at the doctor’s office. A puzzle from a garage sale with all of the pieces in it. This cute painted accent table from Canadian Tire. Yes, Canadian Tire! It’s part of their new CANVAS home and dining collection and right now a lot of the pieces are 30% off.

If you’re looking to feather your nest like I am, take a look at the collection and tell me what you like. I love the beverage cabinet, the stacked large pantry and the metal café chairs here in the Urban Farmhouse line.


Maybe the Formal Mix or Tailored Rustic lines are more your style. Both incorporate warm woods and elegant upholstered pieces for a cozy sophistication you can easily replicate in your own home. They’ve also got some gorgeous lighting coming soon that I can’t wait to see in store.

How about a chance to win a $250 Canadian Tire gift card to start building your own collection? Hurry and hop over here to enter! The contest ends in two days.

Happy shopping everybody! I hope you’ll love the CANVAS collection as much as I do.

I partnered with Canadian Tire on this post, however all opinions are my own. I love sharing my favourite products with my readers. 

7 thoughts on “Fab decor finds at Canadian Tire + A giveaway! #MyCANVAS

  1. I love that there are more places that people can purchase decor pieces. I bought my ottoman from Canadian Tire, and I still love it! I love the beverage bar you featured in this post. It woudl be a great addition to our home!

  2. Wow, this is Canadian Tire? Look out Ikea…. what lovely things, so much for jumper cables and screw drivers. This is way over the top for Canadian Tire. Very classy.


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