Three ways to warm up your space for winter

gw birch

Yes I said it: winter. And you’re still reading, bless your heart. I know many of us don’t want to think about it but like it or not, it’s coming. Fall’s few warm days are behind us (or behind me, anyway, since it’s not even 10 degrees C here today) and it’s time to put on our cozy slippers and turn on the heat. 

Today I want to talk about three easy ways you can warm up for space for winter, starting with my favourite, investing in seasonal artwork. That could be a pretty Christmas card you copy and enlarge at the printer’s, a cherished pair of mittens you hang in a shadow box frame or a selection of art prints you order from the best online marketplace of affordable, limited editing artwork and photography that I know, Minted. It’s a one-stop shop for works created by independent artists from around the world, with each piece available in a wide range of sizes and available to order framed or on its own.

Maybe you remember me talking about Minted this summer? I partnered with Minted to build a gallery wall above our living room couch and showed the result here on the blog. We liked it so much that we decided to team up again, this time switching up the look for winter to show you some of the many gorgeous seasonal prints available.

Somebody asked me what I do with the summer prints (good question!) since lord knows we don’t have a lot of extra space. As it happens, they don’t take up much room. Since I used all but one of the same frames for my winter gallery, I just slipped the prints in plastic sleeves and tucked them away in the basement. (Which is tiny, unfinished and looks like a bomb went off, but storage space nevertheless.)

gw gallery wall angle

gw full try small things

I picked prints that said “winter” to me, ‘tho I would completely understand if they say something else to you. (That’s the beauty of art, isn’t it? It speaks to each of us in different ways.) Through Minted I was able to choose 5 prints:

  • bottom left: Northern Flow 2 by San Francisco artist, Paper Dahlia
  • centre: Birch Trees In Winter by Shannon Chen, Sacramento CA
  • top right: Mingle by Julie Song Ink, Oakland CA (this one reminds me of giant snowballs)
  • middle right: Calculation by Stephanie Nowortarski in Kansas City, Missouri (reminds me of little slushy snowballs)
  • bottom right: A Deer Friend by Andrew McClintock of Austin, Texas

The others I sourced from Etsy.

gw a deer friend

Minted is constantly growing its community of artists (so there’s always new prints to discover) and helps many of them get their art into the hands (and on the walls) of people throughout the world through ongoing design challenges. Anyone can enter. (Oh my gosh I just thought of someone who totally should. Must tell them after I write this post!)

gw textures 4

A second easy way to bring warmth into your space is by layering a variety of textures. Think warm wools and knits, soft cottons, corduroy and faux fur. So cozy!

gw flowers side table

And third: putting piles of books and candles within easy reach. (Of course you’ve really got to keep a close eye on the candles with all of those books around.) This Campy candle, hand-poured in Almonte, Ontario, is one of my favourite scents. It’s called A Late Night and smells ridiculously good, mes amies. Woody and masculine with notes of  citrus, rosemary, jasmine (yes I’m totally coping this from the website) and delicately musky with hints of oakmoss, amber and rosewood. I’m just gonna take a big whiff and sink back into the pillows.

gw la vie est belle

gw flowers on side table

And flowers! Don’t forget to treat yourself to a wee bouquet now and then, even if it means you have to skip a few lattes to do it. I love this one for the ornamental kale you can find this time of year. A bowl of acorns and pinecones would be pretty too.

Are you ready to warm up your home for winter? How do you make your space cozy?

I partnered with Minted for this post, however all ideas are my own. I love sharing my favourite products and companies with my readers!

6 thoughts on “Three ways to warm up your space for winter

  1. Love your wall. I don’t see winter in it – maybe I am in denial. I see a very attractive array of geometric designs complimented by that precious little fawn. Your pillows and flowers are divine and I too want to pick up one of those books and curl up under a soft and cozy throw, put my head down on one of your pillows with book and tea in hand.
    How inviting !!!!!


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