Curb those carb cravings + A giveaway

lb cube scented bouquet

As much as I love fall, I could do without the crazy carb cravings I always get this kind of year. Basically if it isn’t nailed down, I want to stuff it in my face. And lord knows I love to bake, so there’s plenty for stuffing around here. You too? It’s loco, isn’t it? But maybe this fall we can reign it in a bit. Here are a couple of things that work for me. 

Make the bed. Or go for a walk. Or throw a load of laundry in the wash. Step away from the pumpkin brownies (mmm, brownies) and do something physical. Preferably something easy that’ll give you a sense of accomplishment. For me, that’s making the bed. It gets me out of the kitchen and climbing a set of stairs to the bedroom, takes just enough time to make me forget about those brownies (what brownies?) and always makes me feel like I’ve achieved something. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 in the morning or three in the afternoon — a made bed always makes me feel like I’ve got this.

lb cube scented bouquet Benny

My cat’s like, “There, doesn’t that feel better?” Yes, yes it does.

lb cube scented bouquet

Delight your scent-ses. It’s hard to stop thinking about those brownies when the sweet scent of pumpkin, chocolate and vanilla fills the house. So switch it up! You know how I love my Lampe Berger, and they’ve got a few fantastic new products on the market to try. It’s their Parfum Berger collection, and it includes this cube scented bouquet (the black sticks that come with it diffuse the fragrance), the rose scented bouquet, and the rose on a tray. Each are available in a variety of fragrances (I have the spicy citrusy fragrance orange cinnamon) that can perfume continuously for weeks before refilling.

lb cube scented bouquet Benny close up

(Don’t look so surprised, Benny. Sometimes I do have good ideas.)

Another thing that helps me keep the carb-cravings at bay: Reaching out to a friend. I’m not much for the phone, so luckily I can always find a friend or two on Facebook or Twitter to talk to. It’s amazing how much a quick exchange can help switch those gears (especially if I move my laptop to the living room, instead of writing from the kitchen like I usually do). Half the time (or probably more than half the time) I’m not actually craving those brownies. What I’m really craving is company, a connection. You know what I mean?

Lampe Berger is giving one lucky try small things reader the chance to win a cube scented bouquet just like mine. To enter, leave a comment below telling me what you do to curb cravings. For a second entry, tweet Curb those carb cravings with a cube scented bouquet from @trysmallthings & @LampeBerger_CAN CAN 05/11 #giveaway and leave a link to your tweet in the comments. (Feel free to tweet once per day, leaving a separate comment for each tweet.) The giveaway is open to Canadian residents aged 18+ (excluding Quebec) and ends November 5 at midnight EST.

Good luck everybody! I love connecting with you.

Update November 8, 2015: Congratulations to Susan M!

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