A curling iron for the lazy and uncoordinated (like me!)

KISS InstaWave curls

KISS InstaWave curls

I rarely do more with my hair than put it up in a ponytail, partly because I’m lazy and partly because I’m all thumbs with hair tools. But I’ve been seeing these beautiful long, loose waves all over the Interwebs for ages and wondering how I could get the same look in my pin-straight hair. Without much time and effort, I mean. And cost. That too. So when KISS asked me if I’d like to try their InstaWave Automatic Curler, I was all for it. Especially when I saw this how-to video that made it look so easy to use. 

KISS InstaWave curling

You know when you’re sweating over your hair and wishing you had another pair of hands? Well this is like that extra pair. You literally just touch your hair with the wand, push a button, and the wand picks it up and twirls it around the barrel for you. Then after about 10 seconds you simply slide your hair out of the barrel or OR! you can touch a button and it’ll unwind your hair from the barrel. I was amazed, mes amies. It took maybe 15 minutes (maybe!) to curl all of my hair and look at those waves!

KISS InstaWave curls those curls tho

I learned that the going’s easier if you pin the top part of your hair out of the way and start with the hair on the bottom. And that you’ll get more natural-looking curls if you alternate between curling the hair towards and away from you. I couldn’t be bothered to switch back and forth with each section of hair (too lazy!) and just did whatever. And I love how it turned out.

There are two heat settings so you can control how hot you want it to get (up to 420 degrees F). And it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes so you don’t have to worry about leaving it on and burning the house down. (Which I would totally do otherwise.)

The KISS InstaWave retails for about $60 in Canada and you can find it at Walmart. It’s available in the US for about $50 from Target, Amazon ($70) and other major retailers.

KISS sent me the InstaWave in exchange for an honest review and honestly, I love it! Love the nails? They’re KISS too!

8 thoughts on “A curling iron for the lazy and uncoordinated (like me!)

  1. wow that looks – no – you look amazing – long blonde gorgeous curly hair – is it really that easy ? does it work on super short hair – I love it….

  2. Noooooo! None of the “flat curls in the rain picture” worked!!!


    My career as a photographer is dead.

    Lol. Your curls look glam. Beautiful!




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