Let’s see what’s inside: Jule’s Lifestyle Company’s March lifestyle subscription box

JW March

Mother’s Day is still a ways away, but I’m going to make this year’s gift-giving easier with a suggestion the moms in your life (and YOU!) are sure to love: a lifestyle subscription box from Jule’s Lifestyle Company in Toronto, Ontario. It’s a care package of healthy snacks, treats, wellness teas, natural skincare, products for mom and baby and practical lifestyle items (think journals, candles and the like) for health-conscious women. I received the March box to review so let’s take a look at what’s inside. 

Each month has a different theme — March is travel –and the contents are a surprise.


Jules Wellness March 2016 box

Oh don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything — the March box is already sold out. But (but!) but you can order most of the products from juleswellness.ca. I’ve included the links here where available.

Elan Organic Himalayan Sunshine Mix A satisfying mix of pumpkin seeds, cranberries, goji berries, cashews and walnuts. I’m going to send what’s left of the bag with my hubby to bring to work — how he can get through the day nursing a coffee and nothing else I don’t know.

Made Good Apple Cinnamon Granola Minis Crunchy toasted granola bites made chewy with raisins, lightly spiced with cinnamon and peanut free. My kiddos were on these like white on rice. Delicious!

Simply Protein Chips (BBQ Tomato) Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a bag of these from our local health food store but they ring in at about $2.50 a serving ($2.08 from Jule’s Lifestyle Company) so they’re really just an occasional indulgence. Love the BBQ Tomato flavour and 15 grams of protein! I’d buy these all the time if they were (much) less expensive.

Larabar Fruit and Nut Energy Bar (Coconut Cream) I think I’ve tried every flavor of Larabar except the coconut cream and although I love coconut, I haven’t been missing anything. I like the peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate chip, and apple bars much better but that’s just me. You might love it.

Pur Peppermint Gum Fresh minty flavour that lasts a long time. I chew-chew-choose you Pur peppermint gum!

Consonant The Perfect Sunscreen SPF 30 It’s been rainy here the past few days so I haven’t had call to use it, but I’ve heard great things about the Consonant skin care line. Have you tried any Consonant products? How do you like them?

Dr. Bronner’s Lavener Organic Hand Sanitizer I hate the sticky feel of most hand sanitizers so I generally don’t bother with them but this spray is a game changer. First, it smells wonderful and second, it’s not sticky! Throwing this in my purse. (What kind of mother doesn’t carry hand sanitizer, am I right?)

TOLAN Lavender Infused Shampoo and TOLAN Lemongrass Infused Conditioner There’s a lot of great-smelling products in the March box, including this shampoo and conditioner. The size is perfect for taking back and forth to the gym. Only I haven’t been to the gym in a while (a long while!) so I haven’t yet tried it. But I’ll update the post when I do and let you know what I think.

HURRAW! Tangerine Chamomile Sun Balm SPF 15 Again, it’s been gloomy here so I haven’t tried it but I’ll be using it this summer for sure. Ain’t nobody got time for sunburnt lips.

What a haul! I love that most of the products are made in Canada (the sunscreen, the shampoo and conditioner, the gum, the granola bites, the BBQ Tomato chips) and all things I’ll readily use and eat.

So what’s this Mother’s Day gift going to run you? Individual lifestyle boxes are $39 including Canadian shipping ($10 if you’re shipping to the US) and a little less if you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months. Try small things readers can save 10% on their first order of a single box with the code TST10. And if you buy a box and share a picture of it on one of Jule’s Lifestyle Company’s social channels (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), you’ll have the chance to win a box!

Please let me know if you try it. I’d love to hear what you think!

Jule’s Lifestyle Company sent me the March lifestyle subscription box for the purposes of this review. 

8 thoughts on “Let’s see what’s inside: Jule’s Lifestyle Company’s March lifestyle subscription box

  1. wow…. what a wonderful variety and collection – now tell me what mother would not want that !!!!!! hint-hint

    1. My pleasure, Joy! Love that you can order an individual box to try it out or cancel at any time without penalty. I have a subscription from the US that I wanted to cancel but I would have had to pay half of the cost of the remaining months, so I kept it.


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