Healthy snacks at the ready with SnackBreak + Win!

SnackBreak Prana machu pichu Simply Protein chips Blue Monkey coconut chips

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through the day without my snacks. Especially between lunch and dinner. You know how the kids come home from school so ravenous it’s like they haven’t eaten in a week? That’s me at 3 o’clock. And I don’t always reach for the healthiest thing either. Really if it isn’t nailed down, it’s going in my mouth. Easter chocolate (I’m doing a fine job getting through the leftovers), pretzels, cookies I’m making that day for a book review. All things that satisfy in the moment, but make me feel like curling up for a snooze soon after. (You too?) But if I have a bunch of well-balanced snacks at the ready — snacks that will satisfy my cravings and (bonus!) keep my energy up, well it’s another thing altogether. So when I learned about a new Canadian snack subscription box company that would deliver all kinds of delicious goodness to my door, I jumped at the chance to try it. And since something tells me you’d like try it too (we’re all about trying small things here, right?), well I might have a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to offer you as well. 

Snack Break 1

I spend most of my time at the kitchen island, so here we have a shot of me apparently working away with this month’s box of SnackBreak snacks all lovely and organized beside me in a pretty basket. But really I have to tuck the basket out of sight behind my computer screen or stash it in a cupboard ’til I’m actually hungry because I have zero willpower. I mean look at all of these tasty snacks! Sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy and protein-packed — it’s like this box was made for me!

Snack Break 2

SnackBreak sent me the personal box, which gets you 8 to 10 full-size snacks each month for $29.90 including shipping (a little extra for some remote areas of Canada). All of the snacks are at least one of the following: organic, gluten-fee, vegan, low glycemic response, raw, and non-GMO and you can order 100% gluten-free snack boxes too. Larger boxes are also available for larger appetites and/or sharing with colleagues (medium boxes have 15 to 18 snacks for $45/month and large “team” boxes have 35 to 40 snacks for $99/month.)

SnackBreak 2b

Each box comes with a guide describing the contents. My favourites for this box are the:

Elevate Me Fruit & Nut Energy Bar (cranberry blueberry goji berry) Only natural ingredients for this tasty protein bar. Each 66g bar contains 24% protein and 67% dried fruit — no fillers, nothing artificial, ever. 

Simply Protein Chips (BBQ tomato) Helps balance blood sugar levels and doesn’t contain sugar alcohols which can cause stomach upset. 15 grams of protein per bag.

Solo Gi Energy Bar (chocolate charger) Designed using a unique blend of slow-release carbohydrates, proteins and fibres that provide a lower glycemic response vs. other leading energy bars.

Blue Monkey Coconut Chips 100% natural baked coconut chips without preservatives.

SnackBreak Elevate Me bar

SnackBreak 4

If I’m feeling especially generous I might share a couple of the snacks with the kids but really, would it be so bad if mommy had a treat all to herself for a change? If only there were something for parents and kids too — maybe a family snack box? Well wouldn’t you know, SnackBreak is working on that too! Come the end of April you’ll be able to order a family box made for adults and kids ages 4 – 13, packed with the same wide variety of healthy snack options in the other boxes. And if you’d like to gift a subscription for a snack box (I know my sister-in-law Janey would love one!) options for three and six months are available too.

So who’s excited to try SnackBreak with me? Oh I’m so glad to hear! SnackBreak is offering try small things readers $10 off their first box when you use the code TRYSNACKTHINGS, valid today through April 28, 2016. And (and!) you can enter to win a free personal-sized snack box by telling me one of your favourite healthy ready-made snacks in the comments below. Is it a kind of protein bar? A gluten-free cookie? Energy ball? Protein chips? I’d love to hear.

For an additional entry, tweet the following as often as once per day, leaving the link to your tweet in the comments:

Healthy snacks at the ready! Enter to #win a snack box from @mysnackbreak & @trysmallthings! CAN 4/28 #mysnackbreak

For a third entry, follow SnackBreak on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and leave me a comment here with your handle.

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents (excluding Quebec) ages 18+ and ends at midnight on April 28, 2016.

Update April 29, 2016: Congratulations Wanda T!

Thank you to SnackBreak, who sent me a personal-sized snack box to facilitate this review.

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