Five things

pink mini doughnuts 2

Earlier this week I shared a poignant short article about overcoming procrastination and although the message really resonated with me, I still didn’t manage to get a heck of a lot done. (A lot of procrastinating, but not a lot of much else.) So I’m throwing it back to these baked donuts, which are totally fun and easy to make when you’re putting something off. And even when you’re not. They’re #5 in this week’s five things. Here’s four more. 

five things may 20

1. It’s not every day you get cake in the mail, so I was delighted to see this flourless hazelnut chocolate cake in this month’s FoodiePages tasting box. Nom nom.

2. Warm balsamic bok choy salad from the June issue of Canadian Living magazine. The bok choy is supposed to be grilled but our BBQ’s still under a winter tarp so I just put it under the broiler. So good! Will you be barbecuing this weekend?

3. Counting the minutes ’til I can go back to reading my book on my new Jord wood watch. And next week, a chance to win one of your own!

4. Trying some new Joe Fresh beauty products thanks to Canadian Beauty Bloggers, who hosted a Twitter party this week. Have you tried any? What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Five things

  1. Glad you don’t procrastinate about posting these beautiful pics and great recipes. Would love one or seven of those wee donuts right now.😂


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