Accessorize for summer with JORD + A giveaway!

JORD wood watch Fieldcrest maple

farmer's market Jord watch holding hands

Our US friends have another few days to wait before their long weekend, but here in Canada we’ve got the jump on summer with a three-day-stretch that feels like the official start to the season. It’s finally time to put away our winter woolies and pull out those soft cotton tees and breezy sundresses. This year I’m accessorizing mine with my new Fieldcrest watch from JORD Wood Watches. Since Ottawa’s summers are hotter than hell, I ordered mine with a little room to swell. And hot dang it was cookin’ at the farmer’s market yesterday. 

fm jord 1

There’s always a huge lineup at Art Is In, which brings the best from its Mechanicsville bakery to the Lansdowne market every Sunday. I’d stand in a line three times as long for one of their flourless chocolate cookies, but they were all sold out by the time we arrived early afternoon.

fm jord 5

I don’t know why I don’t buy myself a hanging plant — for $25 you get fresh blooms all summer long! We have three tulips hanging on for dear life in front of the dryer vent in our wee front yard and nothing but weeds and dirt in the back. A few fresh blooms would go a long way!

fm jord 7 asparagus

I love asparagus but there are a few rhubarb recipes in this month’s Canadian Living that I really want to try, so I picked up some of that instead.

fm jord rhubarb 2

fm jord rhubarb close up

That’s some good-looking rhubarb right there. And the watch too, don’t you think? The clean lines and natural maple give it a Scandi vibe I love. It’s one of 38 different models in the 10 series JORD carries, all handmade from sustainably-harvested wood and sized to fit.

fm jord 3

fm jord scarves

fm jord 9 cute doggie

fm jord shoefie

JORD watch close up


I can think of a few people who would love one of these unique watches (it would make a great graduation gift or Father’s Day gift!) and thanks to JORD, you can enter to win a $75 USD voucher to put towards one of your own! (My Fieldcrest watch is $129; the watches range in price up to $395.) All entrants will also receive a $20 voucher to use towards the purchase of a watch. (Nice, eh?)

To enter, visit JORD and tell me what watch you like in the comments below and visit this link to enter your first name and email address. (You must do both in order to qualify.)

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents 18+ (excluding Quebec) and residents of the continental US and ends at midnight EST on May 30, 2016.

Update May 31: Congratulations Bailey D!

JORD Wood Watches provided me with a watch for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

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