Because we need to talk #StreamTeam

Nine try small things

We need to talk. No, not you and me. But I scared you for a second, didn’t I? Because nobody starts a conversation about taking the family to Disneyland or getting a puppy that way. It’s almost always something heavy. Like how we can’t afford to go to Disneyland or it’s not the right time for a puppy. Difficult conversations. The kind of conversations I’m terrible at. And my oldest just turned nine, so we’ve got a lot of them coming. Important conversations. Awkward conversations. Conversations that might be better easing into than confronting head-on. (Both for me, and for her.) And I can use all the help I can get. 

Fortunately help is close at hand. I’m looking at you, Netflix. With such a huge variety of shows for different ages and stages, I feel like there’s got to be a show or an episode that can help us start talking about just about anything by watching it together.

Puss in Boots

Self-love (Season 1, Episode 13: Star) After Dulcinea feels like no one in the group needs her help, she tries to use a newly-discovered wishing star to show her worth — but fails — showing her that her presence alone has lit up her friends’ lives all along.

Project Mc2

Teamwork (Season 1, Episode 3: Smart is the New Cool) After McKelya insists she works better alone, she learns that four is better than one when her friends jump in to help her rescue the Prince from a botched space mission.

Fuller House

Peer Pressure (Season 1, Episode 6: The Legend of El Explosivo) After getting grounded for sneaking off to Bobby Popko’s house, Jackson realizes he needs to stand up for what he knows is right and not give in to please his friend.

How do you broach difficult conversations? Has a particular movie or show helped you ease into a potentially awkward discussion?

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