Tea time! (But really, when isn’t it?)

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I’ve been a tea drinker since my teens, but it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve stepped outside of the Tetley tea box to steep something new. Curiously, that was right around the time DAVIDsTEA opened their first Ottawa store in the Glebe. Coincidence? I think not. The pretty Tiffany-blue façade drew me in, the gorgeous array of tea tins and accessories in a rainbow of colours made me linger, and the delicious, fragrant tea made me stay. So when DAVIDsTEA offered to send me some samples from their new summer line, I put the kettle on. Pour you a cup? There’s plen-tea here to try. (Sorry. I can’t help myself.) 


We have the mango carry travel mug with a built-in infuser (totally crushing on the colour!), melon drop drop-dead delicious fruit infusion and the let’s have a picnic set of three teas and infusions (luscious watermelon fruit infusion, pink lemonade rooibos and pom diggety black tea). Oh, and the perfect glass mug that I’ll show you in just a sec.

DT let's have a picnic

Each of the teas in the let’s have a picnic set makes 2 L (68 oz) of tea that you could make in a pitcher like this one all at once, only I don’t have one so I just used a couple of generous teaspoons in my travel mug to make a 16-oz serving. If you don’t fill the mug all the way to the top, there’s plenty of room for ice when you take out the infuser after steeping.

The luscious watermelon would be refreshing after a game of frisbee or a long walk by the lake, the pink lemonade the perfect pairing for a picnic lunch and the pom diggety (my favourite of the three) delicious for sipping under a shady tree at the park.

DAVIDsTEA melon drop 2

The luscious watermelon and the melon drop are fruit infusions so there’s no tea in the mix but a delicious combination of dried fruits and artificial flavouring. So really it isn’t so weird that I’ve eaten some of each straight out of the package. Okay it’s kind of weird. But it’s just dried fruit! And even more delicious plumped up after it’s been steeped. I would totally fold that into muffins or a loaf. You’ll find all kinds ways to use your tea in DAVIDsTEA’s recipes, like the melon drop jelly-filled melon and the pom diggety smoothie bowl.

DAVIDsTEA hibiscus perfect glass mug

And here’s the hibiscus perfect glass mug with infuser and lid — I love the tropical motif and the lid doubles as a coaster for the infuser. And at 12 ounces, it’s a good size.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me,” said C.S. Lewis.

I think he’d approve.

DAVIDsTEA melon drop fruit infusion close up

That’s the melon drop fruit infusion. I stirred a little Splenda into mine and it tasted like melon juice. Which shouldn’t be surprising since it’s got pieces of dried honeydew melon and melon flavouring in it, but still, I’m always amazed at how true the flavours are to their names.

DAVIDsTEA hibiscus perfect glass mug lid square

Have you tried DAVIDsTEA? What are your favourites?

DAVIDsTEA sent me these samples to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

18 thoughts on “Tea time! (But really, when isn’t it?)

    1. There’s also a camping set with bear trap, midsummer night’s dream and just peachy teas and a beach set with mango fruit punch, Caribbean crush and pura vida. (I’ve tried the peach and the mango but the others are new to me.)

  1. Tetley cannnot have a more loyal drinker than me – to the point that carry a couple of tea bags with me in my tiny little purse – just in case… Earl Gray – yuck – English Breakfast – no thanks.
    Seeing David’s has often left me wondering how a store can survive only selling tea – only tea???
    Well, you have enticed me into crossing the threshold of this new tea world….. and just maybe sampling the melon drop fruit infusion – heck if I can’t drink it, I can eat it as a snack… But shhhhhh- don’t tell Tetley (and who knows, I might just end up with one of those beautiful hibiscus glass mugs or the mango carry travel mug on my credit card bill)

  2. I love a great fruit tea – especially iced in the summer 🙂 The hibiscus perfect glass mug is beautiful

      1. Hold the bergamot! I cannot stop my David’s Alpine Punch addiction, winter or summer.

  3. a tea-lightful writeup about Davids Tea!! I love them too — always so tempted when i enter one of their shops — i can never decide though because everything looks so good!! And they always have something new, that i want!!


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