Five things

What are you up to today? It’s raining cats and dogs and frogs outside and I really should run down to Shoppers for some cat food (my guy’s got dry food so he’s not starving or anything, but it’s the wet stuff he really likes) but instead I’m curled up with my laptop here across from my kiddos while they watch episode after episode of Looney Tunes. And I should do some cleaning, but James is having a friend over this afternoon for a playdate so whatever, it can wait. Here’s five things from the past week or so. 

Five Things June 5

1. Mini rhubarb upside-down cakes from June’s Canadian Living magazine, made in 30 minutes start to finish. There’s a butterscotch sauce that goes with them but I didn’t make it this time.

2. Anxiously waiting for peaches to come in season (these ones are too bland) so I can lay down the canned peach slices in Batch. Are you preserving anything this summer?

3. Summer reading.

4. Do you use essential oils? Oil be trying the eucalyptus, tea tree and lavender ones from Thursday Plantation over the next couple of weeks and would love to hear your suggestions. (Thursday Plantation oils are available in Canada at Loblaws, Walmart, Rexall, Whole Foods, and many independent health food stores.)

5. Yesterday Netflix hosted a kids’ summer preview event here in Ottawa for local Netflix bloggers (aka the #StreamTeam), with a first look at Voltron: Legendary Defender (out June 10) and the new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge (coming June 24). It was just like a Saturday morning here at home, only with a bigger screen, better food (they spoiled us!) and the company of a fantastic group of bloggers and their families. (So nice to meet you, Multitasking Mumma and Keep It Beautiful Designs!) Thank you, Netflix!

Have a great day, everybody.