September is for…

It’s my favourite time of the year, and I’m filling it with all kinds of things I love. 

Starting / To jog. Or bike. Or maybe just walk. But something! Plus paint the dining room, since I didn’t get to it last month. And I’d love to make this orange creamsicle soap. (Wouldn’t it be a great housewarming or Christmas gift?)

Going / To BlogPodium in Toronto (Tiffany Pratt‘s doing the keynote!!) and apple picking.

Eating / All the pumpkin (SO looking forward to Allison Day‘s new book, Purely Pumpkin, and OMG this pudding!). And carrots. And apples. And squash.

Reading / Decorate for a Party (see the dreamy trailer + an international giveaway for five copies), The I Heart Naptime Cookbook, Everything In Its Place: Storage for Stylish Homes, and Design * Sponge At Home (this month marks the fifth anniversary of the book; can’t wait for Grace Bonney’s new one in October). Reviews + a giveaway (or two!) coming this month.

Trying / New-to-Canada hair-strengthening shampoo and conditioner (c/o eva-nyc but you can find it at Costco + a review and giveaway here this month) and my favourite tea company’s new supreme pekoe tea (c/o DAVIDsTEA).

Listening / To the fun decor and DIY podcast, Young House Love Has a Podcast, with John and Sherry Petersik. (I reviewed their second book, Lovable Livable Home.)

Wearing / Comfy new kicks (c/o Skechers), a gorgeous new wood watch (c/o JORD; review + giveaway coming this month) and my favourite pair of jeans.

Watching / Suits (I’m savouring the last few episodes of season 5), Eat Pray Love (on Netflix September 9) Zootopia (coming to Netflix September 20) and The Wolf of Wall Street again (because Leonardo DiCaprio is so damn good!).

Wanting / This sideboard (or maybe this one) and this end table (which I might be obsessively refreshing on to see if it’s back in stock).

What are you starting/reading/wearing/watching this month?

5 thoughts on “September is for…

  1. Holding onto the last of the summer….. don’t want to loose the freedom of walking to the gym without having to change when I get there. Wanting to continue spending a couple of afternoons per week in the sunshine by the pool. Keeping my head in the sand (just for a little while longer) regarding my volunteer commitments ahead of me….
    Sound like I am in denial????? yup – sure am.
    Will be ready to kick it up when necessary— in the meantime, continuing to savour summer’s laziness. and lovin’ it.


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