Halloween is nigh! Treats from DAVIDsTEA + tricks for bat cookies

Lord knows I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but DAVIDsTEA‘s Halloween collection is so cute it’s scary! Die Fledermaus motif inspired me to whip up a bat-ch of bat-shaped chocolate sugar cookies to go with — a little flight of fancy for one of the year’s best holidays. Here’s a few tips and tricks so you won’t turn yourself upside down making them, and a closer look at some of DAVIDsTEA’s spooky-good treats. Put the kettle on and let’s sit a spell. 


DAVIDsTEA sent me some samples to try at the end of last week, but I’d already picked up the Book of Spells knowing they’d be snapped up quick. It’s a gorgeous gift box of six dessert teas, four of them renamed for Halloween. Forever Guts (Forever Nuts); Haunty Crisp Apple (Honeycrisp Apple); Chocolate Maca-doom (Chocolate Macaroon); and Pumpkin Die (Pumpkin Chai) join Stormy Night and Witch’s Brew, all in individual tins with screw-top lids. (I love reusing them for earrings and thumbtacks and whatnot.)


The Perfect Spoon gets spookified for Halloween in a handsome black finish and looks quite fetching in its coffin-shaped box. It’s sold out online (I’m including links where available) but you might still find it in store.


The Haunty Crisp Apple green tea and Stormy Night black tea are my favourites; the first fruity like its name and the second flavoured with chocolate, cinnamon, coconut and vanilla (yum yum!).


Also in the collection: the Witch’s Brew Cauldron (a sweet and caffeine-free rooibos with cocoa and sprinkles), the Haunted Castle Lock Top Travel Mug (love that leak-proof lid and the infuser built in), Pumpkin Gummies (sweet and stretchy, they taste super fresh) and Pumpkin Cheesecake Bat Pack (also available in Stormy Night and Witch’s Brew).

Take a selection of the collection to your Halloween party host and hostess, or throw your own soiree and sample them with your guests. You could concoct a boozy tea cocktail like DAVIDsTEA’s spiked apple cider and strawberry boo-barb parfait or serve them as-is in tall glasses with a ghoulish garnish (skewer a couple pumpkin or bat gummies on a swizzle stick for some festive flair).


Now for the cookies: Take heed! Beware! They do take some time (a couple of hours for sure) but you’ll be haunted if you don’t try. Some tricks:

  • Sweetapolita‘s vanilla and chocolate sugar cookie and royal icing recipes are the best I’ve ever tried; I used a half-batch of the chocolate to make 16 four-inch bat-shaped cookies, with a little dough left over to make maybe eight more (I froze the rest to use some other time).
  • Bulk Barn had the bat cookie cutter, candy eyeballs, white chocolate chips and all of the recipe ingredients, including meringue powder for the royal icing (buy it in bulk, it’s way cheaper).
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the icing to set a little before you add the eyes and the chocolate chip fangs. I used my fingers to put them in place and a toothpick to nudge them just so, but you could also use tweezers.
  • Let cookies dry at least 12 hours before serving and if you’re putting them into cupcakes, do that at the last minute (they’re heavy and might slide around a bit).


And when your cupcake matches your skirt, well you make sure you get a picture:


What will you try from DAVIDsTEA’s Halloween collection? Am I batty to think you’ll make the cookies? (If you do, let me know!)

DAVIDsTEA sent me samples from their Halloween collection to try. All opinions are my own. 

23 thoughts on “Halloween is nigh! Treats from DAVIDsTEA + tricks for bat cookies

  1. My Halloween morning will be serving breakfast at my Breakfast for Learning school program dressed as a wicked but friendly witch, and if I had your talents, I would make a huge batch of these batty goodies and delight the kids with them…… Think that they would pass on the toast and fruit?….. in a batty second they would!….Love your pics and love that little bat girl skirt.


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