MIXIT yourself! Custom-made cereal we’re loving

Hands up if you could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I see a lot of hands out there! Now would you be bowled over if I told you we made these ones ourselves? Yes! Well basically. We picked all of the ingredients and MIXIT shipped it to our door. The Montreal healthy cereal co. offers custom and ready-made mixes with dozens of good-for-you ingredients and gluten-free options like the pistachios, diced figs, freeze-dried strawberries, organic dark chocolate popped quinoa and other things I put in mine. Naturally the kids wanted something entirely different so they made their own. 


MIXIT founders Oldrich Blaha and Stephanie Jackson wanted to give their son a healthy alternative to the typical sugar-laden cereals in stores and envisioned an online boutique where families could create something nutritious together. Customers select from a list of ingredients (cereal base, dried fruits, nuts and seeds and extras like white chocolate flakes and protein powder — they all have pictures beside them so younger cereal-lovers can point to their faves) to make their mix, then create a name for it and choose the design of the tube it’ll come in. Nutritional information is calculated as you go.


My two picked honey granola, organic gluten free corn flakes, banana slices, raisins, coconut flakes, organic maple chunks and dark chocolate flakes for theirs and named it Super Cereal!  (It was either that or James is Awesome!, and you know his big sis wasn’t going to let that stand.)



I doubled up on the freeze-dried strawberries (no added sugar, sulphites or other additives), diced figs and dark chocolate popped quinoa in mine and it still came in at only 8 grams of sugar per serving — easily a third less than other conventional cereals.


The base is a gluten free mix of cornflakes, rice crispies, soya flakes and granola (all organic too). Organic black chia seeds and hulled millet seeds sounded uber healthy so I included those as well.


Na na na na na na nuh, na na na na na nuh gettin’ figgy with it.


My tubes came in at 600 and 700 grams — about twice the size of a regular-sized box of cereal. The kids’ mix was just under $15, mine $23. (But remember I doubled up on the fruit and organic popped quinoa.). And yes that’s more than most people would usually spend on cereal, but it’s really apples to oranges. Here you get high-quality, low-sugar ingredients and as much or as little as you want. I can eat a smallish serving and not be hungry again for hours, just because it’s got so much delicious goodness.



What do you think about MIXIT? Is it something you’d like to try? What would you put in your mix?

MIXIT sent me the cereal to try free-of-charge, however all opinions are my own.

17 thoughts on “MIXIT yourself! Custom-made cereal we’re loving

  1. Going to the gym every morning demands the need for a very healthy breakfast. Up until now it has religiously been: raisin bran, mixed with yogurt ( vanilla ) fresh fruit – bananas or berries and handful of nuts….all this adds up to protein and slow burning carbs BUT yours sounds just so yummy and enticing…and would still keep my energized for a 60 minutes workout. MIXIT just might have another customer thanks to you.
    Love the pics.


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