Netflix and other preoccupations


Some decisions should be easier than others, but when you’re riddled with anxiety they all seem to carry the weight of the world. Like this month I was back and forth (and back and forth!) about whether to let the kids watch Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events before finally deciding they’re not ready for it. (Especially my seven-year-old. He’s a sensitive little guy and I’m sure he’d find it too scary.) I don’t think there’s any harm in waiting another year or two when they’re perfectly happy with the new seasons of Voltron and Home: Adventures With Tip and Oh that debuted this month. It’s not like we’re at a loss for things to watch. 



Lily’s been invited by two of her besties to go to a sleep-away camp three hours from here for two weeks this summer, and I’m struggling with that too. She really wants to go and I feel like it could be one of those amazing and wonderful formative experiences she’ll never forget, but on the other hand she’s never been away for more than one night and if she hates it, it’ll be a miserable two weeks. I go back and forth and back and forth trying to decide.

But February’s viewing is a no-brainer (thank goodness!). I’m sure my guys will be excited to watch a fourth season of Dreamworks Dragons (Feb. 17) and Disney’s The BFG (Feb.  16). And I’m looking forward to further hibernating with Mother’s Day (tomorrow!) Santa Clarita Diet (Feb. 3) and David Brent: Life on the Road (Feb. 10). You’ll find a more expanded look at February’s line-up here.

What are you streaming now? Did you watch Lemony Snicket? What did you think? When did you (or your kids) first go to sleep-away camp?

As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I receive special perks, however all opinions are my own. I fell down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest trying to find the source for the first image but came up short. If you know who I should credit, please let me know and I’ll do so! 

19 thoughts on “Netflix and other preoccupations

  1. Love Netflix. It helps so much when going out and the kids get grumpy because it’s nap time. Putting it on really helps me get through as we grocery shop

  2. i agree with Phyllis – 2-weeks is a long time!! I would try something shorter first, like a weekend…but ultimately, follow your gut, as you know her best and what she can handle. It seems you have doubts…good luck!

    1. She’s a mature kid and makes friends easily, but I’m worried she’ll be homesick. A trial weekend (or two) is a great idea. Maybe we can practice going away to camp this year. And next year too. 😬

  3. Anxiety understood and shared. Two weeks away first time round seems a little bit of a stretch, I say save that for a few years from now.


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