Clear the clutter! Spring cleaning your Netflix profile #StreamTeam

We always say our house never looks as clean as it does when someone’s coming to visit. And you can tell by the state of the house that we don’t get many visitors. But with Spring sprung and Summer just around the corner, I feel like I want to tackle some of those long-overlooked areas, including my digital spaces. 

Have you ever gone into your Netflix profile only to notice that it’s cluttered with everyone else’s favourites but yours? Yeah it burns my hide too. But no more!! Netflix has a new thumbs up/thumbs down rating system to make it quicker and easier to find shows and movies you’ll like. Give a show or movie a thumbs up and you’ll receive more recommendations similar to those; give it a thumbs down and it’ll keep that off your lists. Easy. (And you don’t even have to get your hands dirty!)

I’ve just seen a peek at what’s coming up on Netflix for June and oh em gee — these look so good:

  • Orange is the New Black Season 5, premieres June 9 (trailer)
  • Glow Season 1, premieres June 23 (trailer)
  • Gypsy Season 1, premiers, premieres June 30 (teaser)

What gets your thumbs up on Netflix?

I receive special perks as a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam, but all opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Clear the clutter! Spring cleaning your Netflix profile #StreamTeam

  1. Not much of a t.v. fan and don’t have Netflix but a girlfriend does and got me hooked on Frankie and Gracie…. and love it love it love it…and have now seen 2 seasons with great hopes that there is more to come. We totally binged and enjoyed every minute of it. Of course the fact that it was about 2 divorced women getting back into single life only made it funnier. And better still, they – like us – enjoy their vino.


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