How do you like them apples? Celebrating 50 years with Chudleigh’s Farm 🍎 #Chudleighs

This time last week I met my friend Ann at Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm and Bakery in Milton, Ontario to celebrate the orchard’s 50th anniversary. Chudleigh’s was one of the first u-pick apple orchards in Ontario and one of the first in the area to introduce entertainment farms with wagon rides, a children’s play area and friendly farm animals to round out the pick-your-own experience. But you might know Chudleigh’s for its famous apple blossoms — the insanely delicious single-serve apple pies made with Chudleigh’s family recipes and enjoyed all over the world, from Canada to Dubai to Australia and everywhere in between. Here are some scenes from our day. 

Chudleighs special entrance

Chudleighs Tydemans Red

First apples of the season, along with my new favourite, the Honeycrisp-like Sunrise. Chudleigh’s has 47,000 apple trees across 60 acres and welcomes 75,000 guests each year.

Chudleighs apple crumble pie

Chudleighs Crumble Crunch Apple Blossoms in cooler

Chudleighs Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Chudleigh’s apple blossoms and other treats are baked at a 110,000-square-foot bakery just minutes down the road.

Chudleighs wagon

Chudleighs Sunrise apple

sunrise apples

Chudleighs Ava 1

Head apple-picker and taste-tester, Ava (Elizabeth’s daughter).

Chudleighs Ava 2

Chudleighs Ann with apples in a bag

Chudleighs pizza blossoms

For lunch, we were among the first to sample Chudleigh’s new savoury blossoms. I had the pizza one, while Ann tried the butter chicken blossom.

Chudleighs pizza blossom

Mine was ridiculously delicious. I think I like it even more than the sweet ones! But it’s close. Very close.

Chudleighs apple blossom with caramel and whipped cream

Chudleighs pony rides

Chudleighs so cute petting zoo


Chudleighs Glenn with Sunrise apple

Chudleighs Ann cutie tire

Ann hadn’t been to an orchard in some years, but we’re already planning our trip to another!

Chudleighs biting sunrise apple

ukelele jack

Happy 50th Anniversary, Chudleigh’s! Thank you for a sweet day.

Do you pick your own apples? What’s your fave?

Ann and I were guests of Chudleigh’s and provided with lunch and a few treats to go. All opinions are my own. 

6 thoughts on “How do you like them apples? Celebrating 50 years with Chudleigh’s Farm 🍎 #Chudleighs

  1. Wow love the pics and my mouth is watering – looks like a perfect day for picking apples and those blossoms would have added inches to my hips because they look like I could not say no to them in any variety….Tell us how the pastry was – flaky and buttery I bet.
    Chudleighs looks like the perfect place for any family to spend one of the last days before the kiddies go back to school.


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