It’s the little things: Two easy ways to make your kids’ birthdays feel special

Whether you splash out on a big party with all of the bells and whistles or celebrate with a small family gathering at home, most of just want our kids’ birthdays to feel special. Today I’ve got two easy ways to do just that. (No baking required!) 

If you’ve got Netflix, the first one is as easy as pressing “Play”. The service just launched 14 Birthdays On-Demand videos, which have the characters from your kids’ favourite shows singing Happy Birthday just for them. Choose from Beat Bugs, LEGO Friends, Skylander Academy and more and watch your child’s face light up! (Dear Netflix: can you make these for adults too? Harvey Specter can sing me happy birthday any day.)

And the second might look difficult but it’s easy, I swear! With some supplies from the bulk food store and a little patience you can surprise your kids with personalized cake pops that look just like them. (Or close enough.) Here are my guys this week with theirs.

Netflix birthday party hacks boy cake pop

I try not to put my kids’ faces on the Internet but I’ll make an exception here. The resemblance is uncanny, LOL.

Netflix birthday party hacks girl cake pop

(That’s the face you get when you ask your kid to hold their arm out for 342 takes.)

They also make super cute cake toppers and a fun thing for kids to make for a birthday party activity.

To make Personalized Cake Pops like these, load up on:

  • plain, unglazed donut holes for the heads
  • candy sticks or popsicle sticks for the bodies
  • candy melts for the faces (those disks of chocolate the size of a quarter that come in different colours and melt easily, or you could melt chocolate chips)
  • candy eyes
  • chocolate chips for noses
  • caramels/Halloween kisses/Tootsie Rolls/caramel corn/fruit leather for hair
  • food-safe markers for mouths (I use these ones, but you can find other brands at bulk and craft stores)
  • styrofoam or floral foam to stick your cake pops in to dry and store

Putting them together is super easy. Just stick a candy stick in the donut hole, dip in melted chocolate and decorate. They’ll keep for a couple of days in the fridge or on the counter.

How have you made your kids’ birthdays special? Let me know if you watch the Netflix birthday videos or make the cake pops! I’d love to hear how they went over.

I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam and receive special perks, but all opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “It’s the little things: Two easy ways to make your kids’ birthdays feel special

  1. I love the kid/cake pops ( and yes, can see the scowl behind the scenes ). And can see how the kids would be thrilled to hear the birthday song from one of their favourite characters … In that kids birthday parties are long behind me it blows my mind when I hear how much money is spend these days on kids parties, loot bags and presents… some people rent out public spaces for their private parties… YIKES!!!
    What happened to back yard parties , with lots of games, a birthday cake, ice-cream, and hot dogs and potato chips…..
    Yup sound like the kind of party I would enjoy …. mmmmmm hot dogs 🙂


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