What’s inside October’s Sweet Reads Box

I received October’s Sweet Reads Box for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

The other night I started the novel in this month’s Sweet Reads Box and I’m super stressed about how it’s going to end. Thrillers don’t typically tie things up in a bow but I really don’t want to be haunted by this one. It’s called Three Days Missing and it’s about two mothers who become unlikely allies when one of their sons (the same age as mine!) vanishes on a school camping trip. 

Sweet Reads Box October 2018 small

It’s not the first time the Canadian subscription box has featured a thriller — last fall saw Fierce Kingdom and this spring The Woman in the Window — both excellent picks from my POV. Each Sweet Reads Box contains a novel and something comforting to drink, a sweet treat to eat and a couple of other surprises, all somehow related to the story. A legend included with the box explains why the book was chosen and how each additional item ties in to the book.

Let me take you through October’s contents.

Sweet Reads Box October 2018 Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

First, Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle. Here’s the description from the back of the book:

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: the call that comes in the middle of the night.

When Kat Jenkins awakens to the police on her doorstep, her greatest fear is realized. Her nine-year-old son, Ethan, is missing—vanished from the cabin where he’d been on an overnight field trip with his class. Shocked and distraught, Kat rushes to the campground where he was last seen. But she’s too late; the authorities have returned from their search empty-handed after losing Ethan’s trail in the mountain forest.

Another mother from the school, Stef Huntington, seems like she has it all: money, prominence in the community, a popular son and a loving husband. She hardly knows Kat, except for the vicious gossip that swirls around Kat’s traumatic past. But as the police investigation unfolds, Ethan’s disappearance will have earth-shattering consequences in Stef’s own life—and the paths of these two mothers are about to cross in ways no one could have anticipated.

Racing against the clock, their desperate search for answers begins—one where the greatest danger could lie behind the everyday smiles of those they trust the most.

Sweet Reads Box loved it for its compelling premise, engaging characters and the twists and turns along the way. And with Hallowe’en nigh, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a spooky tale.

Sweet Reads Box October 2018 Truffini Truffles

Next, Truffini Truffles from Brockmann’s Chocolates. They’re a nod to the trail of candy wrappers the missing boy leaves to help people find him. *shudder*

Sweet Reads Box October 2018 Kikkerland Woodland Pencils and Wilderness First Aid Kit

And for a story set in the woods, these Woodland Pencils and Wilderness First Aid Kit from Kikkerland.

Sweet Reads Box October 2018 Knock Knock Me Time journal

Sweet Reads Box’s slogan is “Me Time. Delivered.” The founders included this Me Time Journal from Knock Knock as a reminder to take time for yourself, and to celebrate their first anniversary.

Sweet Reads Box October 2018 Gift-a-Green and Muskoka Roastery Black Bear Coffee small

And lastly, a mini bag of Black Bear coffee from Muskoka Roastery (a nod to the woodland settting and the coffee one of the mothers drinks throughout the book) and a one-year anniversary special extra item: a thank you card of sorts from Gift-a-Green with arugula microgreens that you grow right in the bag.

This month’s box is WOW. I had to tear myself away from the book to write this post and I love the clever tie-ins. (Well not the coffee since I’m a tea drinker but my hubby always uses it up.) It’s my favourite thing in the mail all month! And the boxes sell out quicker and quicker so I know y’all love it too.

A single Sweet Reads Box costs $58.99 CAD (a slight price increase from previous boxes) + $12 CAD shipping with a discount on three- and six-month subscriptions. November’s box is sold but you can order December’s and a special, separate holiday box is coming.  Be sure to follow Sweet Reads Box on InstagramFacebook and/or Twitter for more news on that, plus other bookish news, live chats with authors and discounts (which we love).

I’ve got a book to finish so I’m going to jet, but I’ll be back here in a little bit to chat. What do you think of this month’s box? Are you a thriller fan? Tell me what you love or what you’d love to see in a future box!

And thanks as always for reading. You’re the best of the best.