January is for…

Annnnnd we’re back! And by we I mean you and me. You reading, me writing, you commenting, me replying — I like this little cha cha we’re doing here. Much more fun than just talking to myself. Which I do do and can be fun but there is a limit. (Eventually.) It’s taking everything in me not to binge watch Marie Kondo’s new show (have you seen it?) but I know just from watching the first episode that I’d end up spending the next couple of weeks sorting, folding and donating anything that isn’t nailed down (I suspect we have many, many things around here that don’t exactly spark joy) and now isn’t the best time. Not to go whole hog anyway. (Maybe half hog, if that’s a thing.) Instead, here’s what January is for. 

SHARING / Reviews of Looker: A Novel (a psychological thriller out today), Fantastical Cakes (remember this cake from the book?) and A Story About Cancer (With a Happy Ending), out Jan 29. Also the Little People, BIG DREAMS: Women in Art set with Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo and two new additions to the series, Stephen Hawking and Muhammed Ali (both out Feb 5). Watch for a couple of giveaways in there too. (I can’t WAIT to share those with you!)

UNBOXING / The first YA box from Sweet Reads Box (YES!), which begins shipping next week. What book would you like to see? I’m really REALLY hoping for Five Feet Apart (and in the spring, No One Here is Lonely).

CELEBRATING / My birthday! I’m not sure what we’ll do that day, but on the 15th my buddy Cathy is taking me for lunch.

MEETING / One of my favourite blog partners to chat about some more potential collaborations. (Too early to say anything more now but the minute I can, you’ll hear!)

TRAVELLING / To Target Florida for two weeks. I’ll stay with my aunt who has a place down there and my mother-in-law, who joins her for the winter. (Word is the Twistee Treat got a new coat of paint!)

SHOPPING / All the fun things at Target. Every. damn. aisle.

WEARING / White jeans (The Gap had some AMAZING after-Christmas sales on their wearlight collection), my white Tretorns, and a comfy sweatshirt or two (it can get cool in the evenings. And at Target, ha ha.).

WATCHING / The Bachelor. I’m really REALLY not a Colton fan but I can’t help myself. Who’s with me?

MAYBE PLANNING / A Valentine’s Day party for my tween and her friends. (We had so much fun with her Christmas party!)

THANKING / Jill at Hygge Canada for sending me fantastic box of cozy goods in the picture above. I can’t WAIT to review their first subscription box! Also my new bookstagram friends Dana and Laura who sent me some bookish treats just before Christmas, including two of Christy‘s wish bracelets (you might remember one from September’s Sweet Reads Box).

Oh, and I’ve got a giveaway for an art print by Small Moments over on Facebook until this Friday that you might like. (Open to CAN and US readers, but I’ll do an international one soon!)

What are you reading/planning/watching in January? Has Marie Kondo sucked you in too? Tell me what you’re looking forward to!