Stick-er with me, Valentine + A giveaway


“Where are you, my little object of art? I am here to collect you.” — Pepe Le Pew • If you’ve been reading try small things for a while, you might remember my crush on Pipsticks, the sticker club that delivers the most delightful little packages each month to subscribers worldwide (I wrote about it here). Well I’m still stuck on Pipsticks, and it’s even dreamier than before! “Is it possible to be too attractive?” Pepe would ask. Mais non! Here’s why.  Continue reading “Stick-er with me, Valentine + A giveaway”

Happiness is homemade: 5 DIY gifts to give kids + A Mrs. Meyer’s giveaway


We’re always telling our kids the best gifts are homemade, so why don’t we lead by example and give them something homemade too? I don’t mean instead of all those other things they really want (that’s crazy talk!) but as an extra-special something, well one of these DIYs might be just the thing. And I dare say more memorable. I know, you’ve got 101 things to do before the holidays already, but they’re quick and easy (I promise!) and wallet-friendly too.  Continue reading “Happiness is homemade: 5 DIY gifts to give kids + A Mrs. Meyer’s giveaway”

Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen + Win a copy!


My blogger crush Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built surprised fans this month with her second coloring book, Cactus Coloring Book: Cacti and Succulent Patterns for Beautiful Color Play. As you’d expect, she threw the most ah-mazing release party (in her home state of Utah, dammit dammit) with hands-on workshops for paper and cupcake cacti and how to care for your plants. Brittany sent me a copy of the book and another to share with one of you. Come take a peek!  Continue reading “Cactus Coloring Book by Brittany Jepsen + Win a copy!”

DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow + Win a copy!


I’ve been following Rachel Denbow’s weaving series on A Beautiful Mess for a couple of years now, so I was so excited when I saw she’d come out with a book, DIY Woven Art: Inspiration and Instruction for Handmade Wall Hangings, Rugs, Pillows, and More! (released this past August). Written for beginners and more experienced weavers looking for fresh inspiration, there’s fruit of the loom for a variety of skill sets and tastes. Step-by-step instructions (and three DIY looms!) take you through 15 projects and several different techniques. Make a loom from a scrap of cardboard and some thrift-store yarn and try a simple wall hanging in candy-coloured stripes or use your trusty frame loom and that special wool roving you’ve been saving to make a more complex statement piece.  Continue reading “DIY Woven Art by Rachel Denbow + Win a copy!”

Create a masterpiece! Paint by Sticker + Win a copy!

Paint by Sticker A magical new art form cover

I know there are a bajillion other blogs you could be reading right now besides mine, so when somebody tells you yours is one of their favourites and they’ve discovered all kinds of things from it, well it makes you feel pretty great. Thank you Paméla! B, and thanks to all of you making try small things part of your day. Quite a few of you like to craft and colour, either by yourself or with your kids, so I think Paint by Sticker (out just last week!) is something you’d really enjoy. Just like paint-by-number, each of the pictures is divided into spaces, only instead of colouring them in with paint you fill them with the corresponding sticker. There’s a version for kids too, but I thought my almost-nine-year-old daughter could totally tackle the more detailed grown-up version so we put that one to the test.  Continue reading “Create a masterpiece! Paint by Sticker + Win a copy!”

Four fun ways to decorate easter eggs

strawberry Easter eggs

Decorating eggs at Easter is my idea of a good time. Also, eating chocolate. But that goes without saying. Here are four fun ways of decorating we’ve tried (the eggs below are all ours) and links to the how-to’s. Hop to it and have fun!  Continue reading “Four fun ways to decorate easter eggs”

DIY, DAMMIT! A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting + Win a copy!


If DIY failures have made you think about swearing off crafting forever, Joselyn Hughes is going to make you think again. And pee laughing while you’re doing it. Just a few pages into Joselyn’s DIY, DAMMIT! A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting and I was annoying my hubby reading funny bits aloud and wanting to make all the things. There’s 35 easy, affordable and good-looking crafts for gifting, organizing, wearing, decorating and entertaining, plus a quiz to help you find out what kind of crafter you are (I love quizzes!), what to drink while crafting (ha!) and what to do when disaster strikes. And more! So what to make first? The platter with panache? Beer in a poncho? (See, the crafts even sound funny. Dammit she’s good!) Continue reading “DIY, DAMMIT! A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting + Win a copy!”

DIY dip-dyed salad spoons


Now these aren’t actually dip-dyed salad spoons, ‘but they do have that dip-dyed look. The how-to is so easy that it needs little explaining, which is a relief since I’ve been struggling with my writing. What is the remedy? I’m at a loss, people. But I do have these cute spoons.  Continue reading “DIY dip-dyed salad spoons”

Papier-mâché balloon bowls

Between homework and dinner and baths, weeknights don’t leave much time to play. But if you’ve got 20 minutes here and there you can make this fun craft over a couple of days.

They’re papier-mâché bowls from Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun. Today’s Parent posted the how-to in their latest issue.

You’ll need balloons, newspaper, 1 cup of flour, 2.5 cups of water and paint for decorating.

papier mache 1

Blow up the balloons (as many as you’d like to make — we did four to start), rip newspaper into strips and whisk water and flour to use as your glue.

If the mixture seems too thick (lumps are okay), dilute with more water.

papier machier 2

Coat the strips of newspaper with the flour/water mixture (run each one through your fingers to remove some of the excess) and cover the top of the balloon.

Some kids might find this gross (check out my son’s face). It’s messy, but press on!

Let dry overnight and apply a second coat.


When the newsprint is dry, paint away!

painting 2

Kids might find it easier to set the balloon in a pail like we did here. A hole cut in the bottom of an overturned box also works.

Set the balloon aside until it’s dry, then pop and remove the balloon. Trim the edges.

Now you’ve got a bowl for all kinds of things!


james bowl

What are some of your favourite crafts?