Because Dads like nice things too: Specter Wireless ELUX headphones for Father’s Day + Win a pair!

Specter Wireless ELUX ft image

I know my hubby’s not the only dad who gets the short end of the stick for Father’s Day. But it’s partly his fault since he always insists he doesn’t want anything. Unlike me, he’s not the least bit materialistic, and (also unlike me) he’s hesitant to acquire anything new when the old and/or duct-taped will do. Which has forced us to get creative with our gifts. We’ve made personalized t-shirts with iron-on letters, videos with the kids telling him what they love about him, hand and foot prints in plaster (because you can never have too many of those, ha ha) and framed copies of pictures he’d never seen. And they were all well and good and much appreciated, but you know, dads like nice things too. (Well a lot of dads, I’m guessing.) And since his headphones finally bit the dust after years of being held together with duct tape, we’re giving him a new pair. But not just any pair — they’re the Specter Wireless ELUX (clever how that rhymes with deluxe). I received them free-of-charge to try.  Continue reading “Because Dads like nice things too: Specter Wireless ELUX headphones for Father’s Day + Win a pair!”

Flotation therapy: good for body and soul #isospa


A long hike in the forest. A good laugh with a friend. A fresh mani-pedi. All things you might enjoy from time to time that are good for the soul. Today I want to introduce another soul-lifting treat: flotation therapy. Last week my friend Sophie and I met up at Ottawa’s ISÖ Spa for a complimentary hour in two of the spa’s four float tanks. You strip down to your birthday suit and step into a space-agey pod filled with 1,000 litres of body-temperature salt water. (Warning: there may be naked pictures of Sophie in this next section.)  Continue reading “Flotation therapy: good for body and soul #isospa”

Behind the brand: Mellow Bath and Body + A giveaway


“When you know better, you do better.”– Maya Angelou • The more we learn about the harmful effects of the ingredients in many of the mainstream products we use every day, the more we look for healthier, greener alternatives. And when it comes to bath and body products, the choices available seem to be growing exponentially. New to the market is Newmarket, Ontario’s Mellow Bath and Body. The company recently sent me two of its all-natural products to try, including this wonderful handmade body scrub (oh if you could smell it!) made with freshly ground, organic and fair trade coffee, organic raw cane sugar and shea butter, and a pepperminty soap made with activated charcoal, and I was curious to learn more about the maker behind it. Here’s my chat with Melody Rattanavong, Mellow Bath and Body’s creator and maker.  Continue reading “Behind the brand: Mellow Bath and Body + A giveaway”

Be your own Valentine: small gift ideas for your big heart + A giveaway ❤️


Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at a posh restaurant with a tall drink of water or at home with your cats and a tall bottle of red, there’s no better day to treat yourself to your heart’s desire. Even if it’s just a little something to say to yourself, “Self, you are loved.” Here are some of my favourite little sumthin’ sumthins for Valentine’s Day — all treats you can pick up last minute or order online for a delightful delivery later in the week. Love is all around but some of the Valentine-themed gifts won’t be around forever.  Continue reading “Be your own Valentine: small gift ideas for your big heart + A giveaway ❤️”

DAVIDsTEA’s feel-good collection + A giveaway!


Why don’t the Maple Leafs drink tea? Because the Canadiens and the Red Wings have all the cups. (Ba-dum-bum-chuh.) Little seasonal tea humour for you there. (Hey, we’re in the thick of winter. We need all the laughs we can get.) If you’re a die-hard hockey fan, you’ll know the joke’s not even true: the Leafs have won the Stanley Cup 13 times over the Red Wings’ 11. (Don’t be impressed — I totally Googled it.) But we’re not here to talk hockey. Let’s talk tea! Pull up a chair and let me pour you a virtual cup from DAVIDsTEA‘s new feel-good collection. The company sent me its five new limited-edition teas to try and I’m curious to know which one you’d like best. (Or maybe you already have a favourite. Do tell!)  Continue reading “DAVIDsTEA’s feel-good collection + A giveaway!”

A gift guide for girlfriends. (Also me. I love everything here too.)


For Christmas I like to treat my girlfriends to a little luxury — not necessarily something expensive, but something they wouldn’t buy themselves. With that in mind, here’s my gift guide for girlfriends. (And also me: I love everything here for me!) The gifts range from $8 to $105 and are all available online.  Continue reading “A gift guide for girlfriends. (Also me. I love everything here too.)”

Happiness is homemade: 5 DIY gifts to give kids + A Mrs. Meyer’s giveaway


We’re always telling our kids the best gifts are homemade, so why don’t we lead by example and give them something homemade too? I don’t mean instead of all those other things they really want (that’s crazy talk!) but as an extra-special something, well one of these DIYs might be just the thing. And I dare say more memorable. I know, you’ve got 101 things to do before the holidays already, but they’re quick and easy (I promise!) and wallet-friendly too.  Continue reading “Happiness is homemade: 5 DIY gifts to give kids + A Mrs. Meyer’s giveaway”

Five things + A giveaway!


I’ve been tying to keep my face to the sun this week but it hasn’t been easy. Jamesy’s been so sick and I’m stressed to the hilt. (It’s been two weeks since his autoimmune disease flared up and it’ll likely be another two before he’s feeling better.) But I’ve got a tonne of things I want to share with you right up until Christmas, so I’m going to try my best to stay in touch. Here’s Benny this afternoon in the blanket of leaves that is our backyard, plus four things we’ve tried this week.  Continue reading “Five things + A giveaway!”

MIXIT yourself! Custom-made cereal we’re loving


Hands up if you could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I see a lot of hands out there! Now would you be bowled over if I told you we made these ones ourselves? Yes! Well basically. We picked all of the ingredients and MIXIT shipped it to our door. The Montreal healthy cereal co. offers custom and ready-made mixes with dozens of good-for-you ingredients and gluten-free options like the pistachios, diced figs, freeze-dried strawberries, organic dark chocolate popped quinoa and other things I put in mine. Naturally the kids wanted something entirely different so they made their own.  Continue reading “MIXIT yourself! Custom-made cereal we’re loving”

Getting Groovy: essie Winter 2016


Fall may be the best season for fashion, but winter is definitely IT for beauty. Primping for their debut near you are these party ready polishes from essie‘s Getting Groovy winter collection. London’s swinging ’60s are the inspiration for the six far-out shades. Let’s go-go take a closer look at four (two are so outta sight, I couldn’t get my hands on them yet).  Continue reading “Getting Groovy: essie Winter 2016”

Halloween is nigh! Treats from DAVIDsTEA + tricks for bat cookies


Lord knows I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but DAVIDsTEA‘s Halloween collection is so cute it’s scary! Die Fledermaus motif inspired me to whip up a bat-ch of bat-shaped chocolate sugar cookies to go with — a little flight of fancy for one of the year’s best holidays. Here’s a few tips and tricks so you won’t turn yourself upside down making them, and a closer look at some of DAVIDsTEA’s spooky-good treats. Put the kettle on and let’s sit a spell.  Continue reading “Halloween is nigh! Treats from DAVIDsTEA + tricks for bat cookies”