Be your own Valentine: small gift ideas for your big heart + A giveaway ❤️


Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day at a posh restaurant with a tall drink of water or at home with your cats and a tall bottle of red, there’s no better day to treat yourself to your heart’s desire. Even if it’s just a little something to say to yourself, “Self, you are loved.” Here are some of my favourite little sumthin’ sumthins for Valentine’s Day — all treats you can pick up last minute or order online for a delightful delivery later in the week. Love is all around but some of the Valentine-themed gifts won’t be around forever.  Continue reading “Be your own Valentine: small gift ideas for your big heart + A giveaway ❤️”

The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook by Jean Blacklock


The secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile. How they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar. Why it takes my kids 20 minutes to put on a pair of snow pants. Some things will always be a mystery but I do know this: Prairie Girl Bakery‘s cupcakes are delicious! delectable! delovely! and you can totally make them at home. The secrets are all in The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook, released just last week. I baked from it on the weekend (would you believe those are my cupcakes up there? I’m so proud!) and I’m here to tell you, it’s a revelation. Heck, it might even be the secret behind Mona Lisa’s smile! The cupcakes are that good.  Continue reading “The Prairie Girl Cupcake Cookbook by Jean Blacklock”

Hand-Lettering for Everyone by Cristina Vanko + Win a copy!

Handlettering for Everyone Cristina Vanko

When your inner critic is a real loud-mouth like mine, trying something new — even something small — can be an uphill battle. Starting seems pointless when you think you’re doomed to fail and continuing, well that’s just a waste of everyone’s time. Time that could be spent sleeping, worrying and generally not allowing yourself to participate in life. Which is a pretty depressing way to begin a book review, I know, but stick with me mes amis, it’s not all bad. In fact, it’s mostly good. See I was really looking forward to reading and trying the exercises in Cristina Vanko’s Hand-Lettering for Everyone, but I was also damned intimidated. My inner critic sneered, “what business is it of yours? you haven’t put pen to paper since elementary school when you did those ridiculous 3D block letters on every title page, and that was 100 years ago!” But another (quieter) voice said, “but you really liked doing those block letters, why not try it for fun?” It was the second voice that got me started on the book, and Cristina’s voice that kept me going. There is inspiration and encouragement and honesty on every page, and wouldn’t you know? Cristina struggles with perfectionism too!  Continue reading “Hand-Lettering for Everyone by Cristina Vanko + Win a copy!”