Summer-ready with SKECHERS + Win a pair!

Skechers Heart Breaker cropped

So somehow it’s May 2-4 already and yours truly is freaking out a bit because I just realized the kids are off school tomorrow and we’ve got a four-day stretch ahead. Mama needs a cocktail. (This one will do nicely.) I’ve been swanning all over town in my cute shoes with my mother for the past couple of days while she’s been visiting from Toronto, but now she’s left so we’ll have to make our own fun. I won’t be running after my guys in my SKECHERS wedges but I totally could if I needed too — they’re super comfy, light-as-air and hello! So fun! Perfect for walks up to the library and down to the dollar store and over to the corner store for popsicles (‘tho my guys have started to get those on their own, conveniently “forgetting” to bring me the change). SKECHERS sent me these and another super cute pair to help get me through the summer. And you know, I wouldn’t turn down a cocktail either. Continue reading “Summer-ready with SKECHERS + Win a pair!”

Help us beat the bell + A Skechers giveaway


Why is getting out the door for school always such a scramble? No seriously, why? WHYYYYYYYY? I feel like we do all the right things — set out our clothes the night before, wake up at a decent time, and make sure the kids have their backpacks all packed and ready to go before they sneak in a cartoon (they’re loving Beat Bugs) or do anything else, and it’s still¬†a mad dash to get there on time. And we live three blocks away! How do you do it? I could really use some advice.¬† Continue reading “Help us beat the bell + A Skechers giveaway”